The Bungalow Owners Association (BOA)

The Bungalow Owners Association (BOA) for Bakoven, Clifton and Glen Beach was established to serve and protect the common interests of property owners. A committee made up of volunteers is drawn from the three areas and mandated to act in the best interests of the members as described in the Constitution.

Objectives of the Association
• Taking an active interest in all matters affecting the welfare of members
• Assist in protecting our history, heritage and character of the area
• Keeping in close contact with the City Council and its affairs in order to keep a watch on matters which might affect bungalow owners and tenants
• To advise the City Council on all matters of interest of members of the Association
• To take an interest in general civic issues that will help to improve municipal management

In practice this involves
• Scrutinize all new building plans to ensure compliance with the various by-laws and guidelines in particular those that relate to the Heritage status of the area
• Liaising with the City to ensure that the common areas including roads, pathways and public open spaces are maintained to a high standard
• Assisting members with issues related to services such as garaging/parking, refuse and garden waste removal, sewerage, lighting, water and electrical services and public safety
• Ensuring effective security by working closely with SAPS, Camps Bay Community Police Forum and the Camps Bay Security Initiative, Security companies operating in the area and Metro Police
• Reviewing applications to the City for entertainment and sports events on the beaches and public open spaces to ensure that the natural environment is not put at risk and the rights of residents and the general public are not compromised
• Protecting the environment and character of the Heritage areas
• Maintaining open channels of communication with property owners and responding to their concerns, speedily and effectively

Meet the Committee and the areas that they represent:

Steve Gordon – Acting Chair/Events

Warren Chapman – Treasurer & Second Beach, Clifton

Amy Zietsman – 4th Beach, Clifton

Gabriel De Vos – 4th Beach, Clifton

Bertie Phillips – Bakoven

Paul Hancock – Building Regulations & Glen Beach

Nele Vermaak – Glen Beach

Billy Gundelfinger – The Ridge, Clifton

Natalie Oakley – Secretary

Click here to view our constitution