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Glen Beach from the sea

Glen Beach is now represented on BOA

We welcome the Glen Beach representatives Paul Hancock and Kevin/Nele Vermaak to the Bungalow Owners Committee. With the support of bungalow owners from all three heritage areas, the Bungalow Owners Association will be best able to preserve our heritage status. Glen Beach residents will be asked to contribute R300 for the 2015/16 financial year.

Development Area

Precinct Development

City Council Property Division recently presented a proposal for a precinct development incorporating parts of The Ridge and Glen Country Club and Clifton Tennis Club. The proposal was in its very early stages. We requested that they come back with a more definite proposal that can be presented to all Bungalow owners for comment and […]


Clifton Lifesavers Club

The Clifton Lifesavers are growing from strength to strength and has become one of the premier life saving clubs in South Africa. Something to be proud of as the Association has a long history of supporting the club. Like all volunteer groups the club relies on sponsorship to buy equipment, maintain their crafts, clubhouse and […]