Law Enforcement

We have our own Law Enforcement Officer, Inspt. William Boonzaaier whom many of us know very well. For many years we have all witnessed William patrolling our beaches checking for illegal alcohol, checking the vendors and just monitoring safety for all on the beaches. Please call him on 084 620 4112 if you have any concerns.

Law enforcement works to uphold local by-laws and deal with contraventions. By-laws are passed by the City Council to uphold social order in our community.

Common by-laws, and Law Enforcement units include those formulated to control:
– Graffiti Enforcement Unit
– Noise
– Transport enforcement
– Problems Building Unit
– Displaced People’s Unit
– Liquor Enforcement
– Anti land Invasion
– Marine Unit

Law Enforcement is also representative at CBCPF:
Call 021 596 1999 24/7 for all units.
Emergency No. from mobiles: 112
Emergency No. from landline: 107

Noise/loud music from yachts/charter boats in the bay:
Phone the Port Captain 021 449 2805
Give them the name of the boat and ask them to radio the captain and tell them to either leave the bay, which is a Marine Protected area where loud noise is prohibited, or to turn off the sound.

Vagrancy / Street children:
Another issue in our community is vagrancy and we ask you to refrain from giving money, food and other handouts to any remaining street children, or indeed to adults begging or car guarding on our streets – this intended “generosity” on our part simply makes it harder for the social workers to encourage people off the streets and into care.

Please get involved and support the uplifting work that the organisations do to keep people off the streets, by contacting Simon Kneel –
Any donations are welcome; alternatively, please direct the street people in the right direction to The Havens.