Refuse, Security & other Services

Services – Report a Problem / Security / Refuse

For service and faults around your house, the following numbers might be useful. Once you have submitted your problem, you will receive a reference number.

Electricity faults
i.e. street/path lights, power outages etc, email the location of the faulty light and if possible the pole number to or SMS 31220

Water & Sanitation
i.e. leaks, burst pipes, sewer defects/blockages & complaints about water wastage

i.e. life or property in danger of fire, accidents or natural disaster – Landline 107  – Mobile 112 or 021 480 7700

Noise/loud music from yachts/charter boats in the bay
Phone the Port Radio 021 551 3051
Give them the name of the boat and ask them to radio the captain and tell them to either leave the bay, which is a Marine Protected area where loud noise is prohibited, or to turn off the sound.

Camps Bay Community Medics
Emergency no 087 230 0404

Rubbish Bins

Rubbish Bins

Domestic Refuse
Black wheelie bins are collected weekly on Monday morning. Please note that this service continues on Public holidays that fall on a Monday. Check the website for Christmas/New Year and Easter refuse collection – will be posted as soon as City notifies us.

Help save Cape Town’s rapidly filling landfills – in your own home and at no cost! By using the City’s free household rubbish recycling service, Think Twice (before you throw away!), Clear plastic bags are provided by Wasteplan and collected at the same time as domestic waste on Monday mornings. All plastic, paper, glass, tin/aluminum cans, styrafoam and Tetra Pak are recycled. Call Wasteplan on 086 111 6699 for information or e-mail
Alvon 076 022 4925

Alternatively there are recycling containers in the parking area opposite Camps Bay school on Kloof Road

Garden Refuse
The BOA has a special arrangement with the City for the collection of garden refuse. For a flat rate of R250, topped up when funds are exhausted, garden refuse, in bags or bundles (approx. 1 metre in length and tied) can be left in the public telephone enclosure above 3rd Beach and at 4th Beach in the corner next to the garages below the step to Victoria Rd.

To enjoy this service, please pay R250 to:
Clifton Bungalow Owners Association
Acc no: 1232099376
Reference: NAME/Garden Refuse.

Please remember that you can put garden refuse in your black wheelie bin if you have the space.

Drop Off point for Garden and building waste 

Tramway, Seapoint:

Operating hours: Mon – Sat

1 Sept – 31 May: 8:00 – 18:30

1 June – 31 Aug: 8:30 – 17 : 00

Sundays: 9:00 – 14:00

Enquiries: Phone 021 442 8136


Security Companies

Security Companies


Campsbay Watch –

The number to call for any emergency, be it crime, fire or medical is 021 438 2000

This fantastic, efficient company encourages residents to sign up and be informed and feel safe. They will inform you about robberies, suspected vehicles / people to look out for.

Please report any suspected concerns to them.

Bernard Schafer along with our representative, Alan, make an excellent team, so we really encourage you to use this service.

Camps Bay Police
021 437 8140
Victoria Rd, Cape Town 8005

086 1212 300

Camps Bay Community Medics
Emergency no 087 230 0404