Precinct Development

City Council Property Division recently presented a proposal for a precinct development incorporating parts of The Ridge and Glen Country Club and Clifton Tennis Club. The proposal was in its very early stages. We requested that they come back with a more definite proposal that can be presented to all Bungalow owners for comment and discussion.

Below is a letter from our Chair to City Council referring to this issue. We will keep you updated in this matter as we get more information from the City Council.

Thank you for coming to our committee meeting on 04/03/2012 to give us an informal overview of what you propose for the Precinct Development.

We noted that the development is a progression from the original ‘precinct upgrade’ presented to the Bungalow Owners Association during 2008 and 2009. Indications from our face to face presentation are that the footprint and scale have changed significantly. Previous discussion focused on replacing the garages and upgrading the restaurant site. Our comments on that proposal are, in many ways, still pertinent – refer to previous correspondence.

The contemplated development you described now envisages a three tier, 750 parking bay garage, a Woolworths Retail Store and other trading facilities plus a bungalow site development. You indicated that access roads and public walkways to the beach will be re-routed to accommodate this development. Understandably, it is difficult to canvas our community without any written proposal with site plan which sets out the proposal alluded to in your presentation. The proposed development will generate interest and a wide range of comments from the Clifton Bungalow Community and all users of the area so it is in everyone’s best interest if we present them with a comprehensive proposal so that we can apply our minds to hard information and respond with helpful and informed comments.

Kind regards – Paddy Walker – Chair

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