Protect your Bungalow's unique Character with our support

We ensure that the environment and character of the bungalow heritage area is preserved

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How we help

Your Support System

The BOA takes interest in the matters affecting our members

Building Compliance

We scrutinize all new building plans to ensure compliance with the various by-laws and guidelines in particular those that relate to the Heritage status of the area.

Your City Contact

We liase with the City to ensure that the common areas including roads, pathways and public open spaces are maintained to a high standard.

Security In Mind

We work closely with SAPS, Camps Bay Community Police Forum, Camps Bay Security Initiative, Law Enforcement and Metro Police to ensure effective security.

Council Services

We assist members with issues relating to services such as public safety, refuse and garden waste removal, sewage, lighting, water and electrical services.

Event Applications

We review applications to the City for entertainment and sports events on the beaches and public open spaces to ensure that the natural environment is not put at risk and the rights of residents and the general public are not comprimised.

Member Support

We maintain open channels of communication with property owners and respond to their concerns, efficiently and effectively.

Owner's Info

The bungalows of Clifton, Glen Beach and Bakoven are a unique heritage rich design.

Heritage of the Beaches

The bungalows of Clifton, Glen Beach and Bakoven are one of Cape Town's most historically rich coastlines.

Clifton Heritage

Member Testimonials

"The BOA can be utilized to give professional advice when scrutinising building plans. This is crucial to protecting the character of the bungalow area and the rights of property owners"

Angela Swain

"Law Enforcement on the beaches was hugely improved this summer. Thanks to the BOA for keeping up the pressure to ensure law enforcement is a regular presence"

Alan Marsh

"Our Greening the Environment project is progressing with the support of some residents and the BOA"

Diana Boynton

"The 4th Beach parking and garage area would now be a construction site and Maidens Cove a shopping and commercial centre if the BOA had not stopped the City approving a developer’s plans"

Paul Hancock

"I appreciate the strong influence the BOA has when action is needed to sort out City service delivery. A note to Simone gets instant attention"

Elley Biggs

Support the BOA

So that we can keep protecting the unique Character and Heritage of the Bungalow Areas