Glen Beach Heritage

A picturesque cove-like setting

Glen Beach consists of 15 bungalows overlooking a white sandy beach flanked by massive granite boulders that not only amplify the picturesque cove-like setting but also provide a windshield from the South Easter.

This is a popular 'local' beach attracting surfers and Cape Town residents who love the quieter more intimate beach experience. While divided from Camps Bay Beach by a rock outcrop in winter, the beach is constantly changing and in summer sand deposits widen the beach to merge it with Camps Bay and also create a smaller very private beach next o Maiden's Cove.

Original Wooden Bungalows

Although most of the original wooden bungalows were built after the 1930's photographs from circa 1890 show the first bungalow already in place.

Most of the bungalows have been redeveloped over the last 30 years in a strictly controlled process that has preserved the unique built environment, blending it with teh spectacular natural environment and maintaining a strong sence of place.

The bungalows are connected by narrow winding tree lined footpaths with Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles as a beautiful backdrop.

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